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Latvia’s most valuable company for the tenth time

This is the tenth year that Latvenergo AS was named the most valuable company in Latvia according to TOP 101 Latvia’s Most Valuable Enterprises, a ranking created by the investment banking company Prudentia in collaboration with the stock exchange Nasdaq Riga. As the study shows, the value of Latvenergo AS increased by 34% in 2017 compared to 2016. The study commended the corporate governance of Latvenergo AS, its transparency and quality of information disclosed to the public (94 out of 100 possible points awarded).

Latvenergo ASranks third on the list of TOP 10 Baltic Most Valuable Enterprises. 

Highest rating in Latvia’s Sustainability Index for the fifth year

2017 was the fifth year in a row in which Latvenergo AS received the Platinum (highest) category from the Sustainability Index of Latvia, which assesses the sustainability of companies in all aspects of corporate social responsibility, based on international requirements. Latvenergo AS has participated in the Sustainability Index since 2010.

At the CSR Idea Market conference held on 31 May 2017 as part of Sustainability Week, Latvenergo AS received a Family-Friendly Company Certificate from the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia for the sixth year in a row. This testifies to the company’s concern for the families of its employees and customers.

In 2017, Sadales tīkls AS participated in the Sustainability Index for the second time and once again received one of the highest assessments, the Gold category. The company also received the status of Family-Friendly Company for its responsibility towards employees, customers and their families. Liepājas enerģija SIA also participated in the Sustainability Index for the second time in 2017 and was awarded the Gold category for the first time. This assessment is evidence of the company’s openness, transparency and responsibility in regard to customers, cooperation partners, society and the environment.

Corporate reputation leader in the electricity, gas and water supply sector for the sixth year in a row

The Latvian corporate reputation ranking organised by Nords Porter Novelli SIA, the newspaper Dienas Bizness, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and SKDS Marketing and Public Opinion Research Centre listed Latvenergo AS as the leader in the electricity, gas and water supply sector for the sixth year in a row.

Latvenergo AS: TOP 500 State-Owned Company, TOP 500 Most Valuable Company, TOP 500 Profitability, TOP 500 EBITDA Maker

At the event honouring the largest, most profitable, most stable and most viable Latvian companies, organised by the newspaper Dienas Bizness, Lursoft IT SIA and the LIAA on 15 November 2017, Latvenergo AS received four awards in special categories: TOP 500 State-Owned Company, TOP 500 Most Valuable Company, TOP 500 Profitability and TOP 500 EBITDA Maker. Latvenergo AS ranked first among the largest energy industry companies in terms of net turnover in 2016 and the company with the largest long-term investments in 2016, which is a confirmation of its ability to make extensive investments and attract external funding.

Most Beloved Employer and Most Beloved Brand

In the Latvian Ranking of Most Beloved Brands, which was held by DDB Consulting in September 2017, Latvenergo AS was ranked as the fifth Most Beloved Employer, while the Elektrum brand was recognised as the sixth Most Beloved Brand in Latvia.

A total of 592 brands in 54 different categories were reviewed in the Ranking of Most Beloved Brands in 2017. The brand selection is based on 3 various factors: ranking of the brand in the previous year, the available information on its media budget, the company’s turnover and sales figures.

Annually the Most Attractive Employer

Latvenergo AS was ranked as the most attractive Latvia’s employer in 2017 in the survey conducted by the employment portal CV Market and received this award for the sixth time. The CV Market survey was held from 12 January to 19 February 2018, and opinions were given by 1,080 respondents.  

In the survey conducted by CV-Online Latvia, Latvenergo AS was ranked for the fifth time as the TOP Employer in the production sector and the third most popular employer in Latvia. CV-Online Latvia ran the survey TOP Employer 2017 from 12 December 2017 to 24 January 2018. A total of 7,000 respondents from all over Latvia took part in the survey.

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