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The most valuable company in Latvia for the ninth time

For the ninth time, Latvenergo AS has been acknowledged as the most valuable enterprise in the Top 101 Most Valuable Companies of Latvia list compiled by Prudentia AS and Nasdaq Riga in cooperation with Lursoft IT SIA and the magazine Kapitāls. According to the study, the value of Latvenergo AS increased in 2016 by 22% compared to 2015. The study commended the corporate governance of Latvenergo AS, its transparency and quality of information disclosed to the public (91 out of 100 points).

Latvenergo AS ranks fifth on the list of Top 10 Most Valuable Companies in the Baltics.

Best Investor Relations in the Baltics among Bond Issuers

Latvenergo AS is the first company in the Baltic states to receive the award for Best Investor Relations in the Baltics among Bond Issuers.

Nasdaq Baltic has presented the Baltic Market Awards since 2006. 2017 was the first year they were awarded to bond-issuing companies listed on Baltic stock exchanges. After evaluation of 160 criteria, Latvenergo AS was awarded for reliable, transparent and best practice investor relations in 2016. In addition to the award, Latvenergo AS received an invitation from the stock exchange to ring the closing bell of the trading session at Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square.

The highest category in the Sustainability Index of Latvia for the fourth year in a row

2016 was the fourth year in a row in which Latvenergo AS received the Platinum category (the highest) from the Sustainability Index of Latvia, which assesses the sustainability of companies in all aspects of corporate social responsibility, based on international requirements. Latvenergo AS has participated in the Sustainability Index since 2010.

At the CSR Idea Market conference held on 8 June 2016 as part of Sustainability Week, Latvenergo AS received a Family-Friendly Company Certificate from the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia for the fifth year in a row. This reflects the company’s concern for the families of its employees and customers, which promotes loyalty and improves its reputation. 

At the Sustainability Index’s closing ceremony on 9 June 2016, Latvenergo AS also received a special “Fair Trade Award” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for building relationships with employees, customers, cooperation partners and the local community based on respect, honesty and openness. Latvenergo AS was also recognised for its fair business practices and compliance with the rules of fair competition, which it also encourages among its contractors.

In 2016, Sadales tīkls AS participated in the Sustainability Index for the first time and received one of the highest assessments, the Gold category. The company also received the status of Family-Friendly Company for its responsibility towards employees, customers and their families. Liepājas enerģija SIA also participated in the Sustainability Index for the first time and was awarded the Silver category. This assessment is evidence of the company’s openness, transparency and responsibility with regard to customers, cooperation partners, society, and the environment.

Corporate reputation leader in the electricity, gas and water supply sector for the fifth year in a row

The Latvian corporate reputation ranking organised by Nords Porter Novelli SIA, the newspaper Dienas Bizness, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and SKDS Marketing and Public Opinion Research Centre listed Latvenergo AS as the leader in the electricity, gas and water supply sector for the fifth year in a row.

Latvenergo AS: awarded in three categories of the TOP 500 ranking: state-owned company, local capital company, EBITDA maker

At TOP 500, an event honouring the largest, most profitable, most stable and most viable Latvian companies, organised by the newspaper Dienas Bizness, Lursoft IT SIA and the LIAA in November 2016, Latvenergo AS was awarded in three categories: state-owned company, local capital company, and EBITDA maker. Latvenergo AS ranked first among the largest energy industry companies in terms of net turnover in 2015 and was among the companies with the largest long-term investments in 2015, which is a confirmation of its ability to make extensive investments and attract external funding. 

Annually the Most Attractive Employer

In the Top Employer 2016 survey conducted by the online recruitment company CV-Online Latvia at the end of the year, Latvenergo AS was ranked as the most attractive employer in Latvia and the top employer in the production sector for the fifth year in a row. Latvenergo AS came highly recommended for its motivating salaries and additional benefits, name recognition and good reputation, career opportunities, inspiring and professional management, and attractive corporate culture.

The Greenest Workplace in Latvia

In 2016, the association Eizenšteins un dēli, in cooperation with the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund and Riga TV 24, invited companies to join a new movement to improve the quality of life and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Latvenergo AS was recognised as the greenestworkplace in Latvia in 2016. The award was presented for respect for the environment in energy generation, energy efficiency activities, stakeholder engagement in the replenishment of fish stocks, white stork monitoring, the ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System, and other activities.  

The Best Internship Provider

At its Annual Award 2016 ceremony, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (ECL) awarded the best employers and, for the first time, the best internship provider in the country. Latvenergo AS was recognised as the best internship provider. The purpose of the ECL Annual Awards is to single out the contribution of employers to regional growth and to stimulate the development of public-sector practices that encourage entrepreneurship throughout Latvia and the exchange of best practices at industry and regional levels.

Namejs Prize 2016

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Lithuania awarded Elektrum Lietuva UAB the Namejs Prize 2016 in the category “Largest Tax Contributor to the Lithuanian Budget” for its contribution of more than EUR 16 million in taxes in 2015.

Largest taxpayer among state and municipal companies in Latvia

Latvenergo AS was awarded in the category “Largest Taxpayer in the Country for 2016 among State and Municipal Companies” at the Largest Taxpayers award ceremony organized by the State Revenue Service.

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