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Sub-goals of Latvenergo Group's OPERATIONAL goals 2017–2022


Strengthen a sustainable and economically sound market position in home markets, at the same time considering geographical and/or of product/service expansion.

- Operational excellence and cost-effectiveness
- Starting of retail gas trading
- Energy efficiency products as a business opportunity
- Under certain conditions, possibly also:

       - Geographic expansion to Nordic electricity markets,
       - Improvement of thermal energy trading,
       - Promotion of energy substitution projects (e.g., electro mobility, gas substitution with electricity in households).


Develop a generation portfolio adequate for synergies with trading and increasing the Group's value.

- Complete the reconstruction of Daugava HPP generation facilities for sustainable and reliable operation
- Building of a gas procurement portfolio subordinated to the requirements of the electricity market


Develop a functional, reliable and efficient network corresponding to customer needs.

- Increase the efficiency of the distribution network
- Improve the quality of the distribution service
- Digitalise the distribution network
- Achievement of the transmission asset lease targets

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