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Latvenergo Group is the leading Latvian environmentally-friendly producer of electricity and thermal energy – in 2016, its power plants provide 74% of all electricity generated in the country, satisfying more than a half of the electricity demand in Latvia.

Latvenergo Group has a balanced energy generation portfolio, consisting mostly of hydropower plants (HPPs) and highly efficient combined heat and power plants (CHPPs). Most of the electricity and thermal energy is generated by the three Daugava HPPs and two Riga CHPPs. Energy is also generated by generation facilities in Liepaja, Aiviekste HPP, Ainazi wind power plant and Kegums boiler house.

At the end of 2016, the total electric capacity of the Latvenergo Group generation facilities is 2,569 MW, while the thermal capacity of the thermal energy generating facilities is 1,842 MW.

Historically, during the creation of a unified energy system, base load power plants were constructed in Estonia (shale power plants) and Lithuania (the Ignalina nuclear power plant and the Elektrenai power plant). In Latvia, the Daugava hydropower plants were designed for peak, half-peak and emergency modes in which it is possible to relatively quickly and simply implement the sudden increase or decrease of capacity according to necessity. Neither coal nor shale power plants allow such sudden change of generation capacity due to a technologically more complex process.

To help providing the base electric capacities, the Riga combined heat and power plants work in a cogeneration mode, providing 70% of heat required by the city of Riga and approximately 25% of electricity required by the country. The remaining part of electricity required is procured by Latvenergo AS on the Nord Pool electricity power market or from other generators through bilateral transactions.

In 2016, the power plants of Latvenergo Group generated 4,707 GWh of electricity and 2,675 GWh of thermal energy. 

Leader in green energy generation
In 2016, 59% or 4,461 GWh of the energy supplied by Latvenergo Group in retail was green energy – electricity generated from non-fossil renewable resources, such as hydropower, wind power, biomass, biogas, etc. It includes both energy generated at Latvenergo Group power plants and that procured on the Nord Pool electricity power market or from other generators through bilateral transactions.

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