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An interactive tour of the HPPs

The tour is a virtual, visually unique and explorative journey along the Daugava River, introducing the Riga, Ķegums, and Pļaviņas HPPs and revealing many interesting points about the generation of electricity at hydropower plants and other related aspects – green energy, renewal of fish stocks, the specifics of the spring flooding season, reservoir repairs, etc.

The main idea of the project is to show the generation process at the HPPs in an attractive and simplified way. The tour combines interesting facts and visual materials in the form of photos and videos about the Daugava HPPs and the generation of electricity in hydropower plants in general. Panoramic 360° photographs make it possible to go on a virtual in-person visit to the Daugava HPPs of Latvenergo AS, showing both the exterior and the interior of the generation facilities. Furthermore, cross-sections of all the Daugava HPPs, supplemented with interactive elements, help to grasp the basic makeup and functioning of a HPP, and an animated video tells about the Daugava HPPs and their significance in Latvia and the region.

The project has been designed and produced by the interactive solutions agency “Bright”.

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