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Latvenergo Group supplies electricity in the Baltic States under the Elektrum brand. Its product range includes various electricity market products designed for different consumption and usage patterns so that each customer could choose the most suitable one.

In 2016, Latvenergo Group successfully retained its leadership in electricity trade in the Baltics. Latvenergo Group has approximately 30% share in the Baltic electricity market, which consumes a total of nearly 26 TWh.

Latvenergo Group retail electricity supply in the Baltics in 2016 was 7,580 GWh.

The amount of electricity supplied outside Latvia constitutes almost 1/3 of the total amount of retail electricity supply or 2,376 GWh, which is about 20% more than the amount of electricity supplied in Latvia by the competitors.

Latvenergo Group’s customer portfolio in the Baltics remained stable. The main focus outside Latvia was on micro and small and medium business segments where the total number of customers increased by 3%.

Overall, at the end of 2016 Latvenergo Group supplied electricity to approximately 821.2 thousand households and 33.7 thousand corporate customers, of which:

  • 795.5 thousand households and 24.9 thousand corporate customers in Latvia;
  • 7.1 thousand corporate customers in Lithuania;
  • 25.7 thousand households and 1.9 thousand corporate customers in Estonia.

For more information on the Latvenergo AS offers for customers in the open electricity market, see the portal.

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