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Protection of birds

Latvenergo Group cooperates with the Latvian Ornithological Society on issues related to the protection and research of birds. Latvenergo Group focuses particular attention to the issues of protection of the white stork. We can be proud that a high number of representatives of this bird species enjoying special protection (approximately 10,000 pairs of birds) have chosen Latvia as their nesting place. 66% of the whole white stork population in Latvia make their nests on power poles of Sadales tīkls AS.  7,957 nests of white storks are located on poles of power transmission lines in 2012 and this is an increase by 701 nests compared to 2011.

In order to comply with the power supply security conditions and to reduce the number of deaths of white storks on power transmission lines, 692 nests presenting potential danger were removed from poles of power transmission lines in 2012 according to the approval by environmental institutions. During the stork nesting period, storks are interfered with only in exceptional cases when the safety of power supply and the society is under threat.

This has been the second year when Latvenergo Group in cooperation with the Latvian Ornithological Society is implementing the project "Monitoring of the White Stork" aimed at obtaining information on the white stork population in Latvia. In order to continue the research and to obtain comprehensive information on nesting of white storks, the Stork Diarywas created allowing every resident of Latvia to get involved in the research of birds and submit his or her observations on the stork's habits.

From 21 May to 16 August 2013 a live webcast from a white stork's nest located on a pole of a power transmission line in Bukaiši, Tērvete district, was available on the website of Latvenergo AS, enabling everybody to follow the daily activities of the birds - hatching of little storks, meals, first flying attempts, etc.  

During three months there were totally 35 thousand views of the webcast and approximately 28 thousand people have been watching it.

The best videos can be viewed on the  Latvenergo YouTube account.

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