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Replenishment of fish resources and strengthening of the Daugava river banks

Annual contributions for replenishment of fish resources by Latvenergo Group amount to 607.4 thousand Lats, and payments for strengthening of the Daugava river banks and renovation of protecting engineering constructions amount to 850 thousand Lats. 886.3 thousand of salmon and salmon trout smolts and fry, 707.2 thousand sander, lake whitefish, migratory whitefish and vimba fry, as well as 8.3 million pike and lamprey larvae were released in the Daugava basin area.

Latvenergo Group continued cooperation with the society "We - for Fish" in 2012. In May 2012 artificial fish spawning nests were arranged in Ķegums HPP reservoir for promoting regeneration of fish species characteristic of the Daugava basin.

Employees of Latvenergo Group participated in making of the nests.

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