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Competitions and grants

Annual prize

Every resident of Latvia directly encounters the energy industry on daily basis and the growth of the country would be impossible without energy industry taking into account its’ importance for the national economy. Therefore, in order to encourage development of the industry and science, praise the achievements by young researchers or lifelong contribution to the energy industry, the annual award giving ceremony held jointly by Latvenergo AS and the Latvian Academy of Science was initiated. This is a central event in the industry and every year the leading engineering teaching staff, researchers, industry experts and leaders, experts of Latvenergo AS and representatives of the Latvian Academy of Science gather for this event.

Competition "Annual prize" 2015: 




Competition of study papers

Every year Latvenergo AS announces a competition for the best higher education study papers in fields topical for operating segments of Latvenergo Group.

Competition of final study papers of Latvenergo AS in 2016:



Competition for grants

Latvenergo AS announces a competition for grants for graduates of higher education establishments for the term of elaboration of final study papers if a student is working on a paper on any topic of interest for operating segments of Latvenergo Group. Topics are proposed by Latvenergo and agreed with educational establishments.


Topics of papers

Application questionnaire


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