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On efficiency programme in Latvenergo Group


To ensure the competitiveness of Latvenergo Group, during the new period of the Group’s strategy from 2017 to 2022 it is planned to implement an efficiency programme that provides for the revision, centralisation and digitisation of the Group’s processes.

With the introduction of efficiency measures, the number of employees in Latvenergo Group will be gradually reduced by 2022. Within the efficiency programme, it is planned to downsize the number of employees by about a quarter and achieve the improvement of efficiency of up to EUR 30 million in 2022in order to be able to sustain the Group’s profitability in the long term in view of the anticipated increase in costs due to inflation.

The main areas of raising the efficiency are digitisation of distribution system processes, development of a single dispatch control and geographic information system, reduced need for physical presence at power lines in case of power outages, reduction of the mobile equipment fleet, digitisation of customer service and consolidation of service channels, as well as optimisation of production processes.

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