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History of the construction of the Ķegums HPP on E.Kraucs’ photographs is on display in Riga Technical University Liepāja Branch


From 28 June to 31 August this year, the travelling exhibition “Ķegums HPP: Pride of Latvia’s Energy Industry”is on display in Riga Technical University Liepāja Branch.

The exhibition “Ķegums HPP: Pride of Latvia’s Energy Industry” is a story of the collection of photo negatives on glass plates by E.Kraucs “The Process of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant Construction 1936–1940” included in the Latvian National Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. This is a narrative about the construction of a large-scale industrial facility in the first half of the 20th century in the Baltics, which takes the viewer on a peculiar journey into the past when the Ķegums Hydropower Plant, the Latvian flagship, came into the spotlight in the energy sector of Europe.

E. Kraucs’ (1898–1977) enthusiasm and professionalism allows us to experience the construction of the hydropower plant step by step. The master of photography produced over two thousand brilliant photographs, revealing the perspective views of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant construction site and the River Daugava, which testify to the process of creation of the mighty and monumental structure. The photographs also provide an opportunity to see some of the significant engineering nuances in the structures of the facility, in the design of the water reservoir dam and elsewhere, highlighting important technological elements that are recognised as unique by engineering specialists.

Passing along the documentary message to viewers, Latvenergo Group wants it to become a landmark for the history of energy industry in Latvia and a source of knowledge, demonstrating the importance of artefacts and living history in preserving human memory.

The collection of the Museum of Energy of Latvenergo Group contains more than 7,000 photographs of the history of the construction of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant. Safekeeping and accessibility of the collections of the items at the Museum is ensured.

On 26 October 2016, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, taking into account the opinions of the Accreditation Committee and the Latvian Council of Museums, adopted a unanimous decision on the accreditation of the Museum of Energy. The accreditation confirms that the Museum of Energy operates in accordance with the Law on Museums and Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.532 “Regulations regarding Accreditation of Museums” of 27 June 2006 and is capable of ensuring the sustainable conservation of the energy heritage.

The exhibition is located at Liedaga Street 3, Liepāja and it can be visited at the time which coincides with the opening hours of RTULiepāja Branch in summer:, as well as on 28 and 29 June and 3 July from 10:00 to 15:00. The opening of the exhibition will be held on 28 June at 16:00.

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