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Travelling exhibition of the Museum of Energy on display in Jelgava schools


The travelling exhibition “Ķegums HPP: Pride of Latvia’s Energy Industry” set up by the Museum of Energy of Latvenergo Group is on display in eleven general education institutions of Jelgava in the academic year 2017-2018.

Responding to the appeal of the Jelgava Board of Education of the Jelgava City Council, the travelling exhibition “Ķegums HPP: Pride of Latvia’s Energy Industry” was opened at Jelgava Secondary School No.5 on January 29 this year and it will beon view until 19 February. The exhibition tells the viewers about the collection of photo negatives on glass plates by Eduards Kraucs “The Process of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant Construction 1936–1940” included in the Latvian National Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. This is a narrative about the construction of a large-scale industrial facility in the first half of the 20th century in the Baltics, which takes the viewers on a peculiar journey into the past when the Ķegums Hydropower Plant, the flagship of Latvian energy industry, came into the spotlight. On the opening day of the exhibition, pupils with great interest watched the documentary “How the Ķegums Power Plant was Built. Memories of Kārlis Dumbrājs”. The main character of the film K. Dumbrājs (born 1918) participated in the construction of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant. In 1939, he assembled two of the three power plant’s generators. This year, when Latvia is celebrating its centenary, the resident of Madona Kārlis Dumbrājs will also celebrate his 100th anniversary.

From 19 February to 12 March, the exhibition can be viewed by the pupils and teachers of Jelgava Secondary School of Technology, and from 12 March to 3 April it will be available to the pupils and teachers of Crafts Secondary School of Jelgava. After that, the exhibition will travel to Jelgava Primary Boarding School No.1, where it will be running from 3 April to 16 April. The final stage of the exhibition route in Jelgava will be at Jelgava Primary Boarding School No.2/Development Centre from 16 April to 30 April.

In 2017, the travelling exhibition was on display at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, the Central Library of Dundaga Municipality, the National Library of Latvia, the Engineering High School of RTU, the Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering of RTU, Liepāja Central Scientific Library, Liepāja Branch of RTU, Jelgava State Gymnasium, Jelgava Secondary School No. 4, Jelgava Technical School, Jelgava Secondary School No. 6 and Jelgava Primary School No.2. In 2017, the exhibition was viewed by 15,100 people interested.

Since its creation in 2013, the exhibition has been displayed in 64 locations, where it has been viewed by more than 92,000 people in Latvia and Lithuania, contributing to the recognition of the Latvian energy industry and documentary heritage of Latvenergo Group and promoting the values ​​of the Latvian National Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

Opening of the exhibition at Jelgava State Gymnasium, which is now located in the premises of Jelgava Palace. 

Opening of the exhibition at Jelgava Secondary School No. 6.

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