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Travelling exhibition “Ķegums HPP: Pride of Latvia’s Power Industry”

To bring to the attention of the public the photographs by Eduards Kraucs depicting the construction of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant, the Museum of Energy of Latvenergo Group has set up an international travelling exhibition called “Ķegums HPP: Pride of Latvia’s Power Industry”. The exhibition is displayed at institutions of culture, education and heritage throughout Latvian cities, towns and municipalities, with further promotion planned in Lithuania and other countries.  

The main focus of the exhibition is photographs – a selection from E. Kraucs’ collection that documents the construction process of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant, enriched by an insight into the biography of the photographer E. Kraucs who is the author of the collection. The exhibition also features documents that reveal additional details about the creation of the collection and its author.

The exhibition is complemented with a reflection of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant construction process in the perceptions and memories of a contemporary witness, using filmed material: fragments from newsreels shot in the 1930s provided by the Latvia State Archive of Audiovisual Documents and a video interview with Kārlis Dumbrājs, one of the builders of the hydropower plant, a generator assembly worker back in 1939. In this documentary, the eyewitness tells us about the construction of this mighty and monumental structure and the assembly of the power plant generators, reveals the working routines and interactions of Latvian and Swedish specialists and describes the labour and living conditions.

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