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The collection of photo negatives on glass plate by Eduards Kraucs: The Process of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant Construction 1936–1940

The collection depicts the construction of a unique engineering structure in Northern Europe and the Baltic region – the Ķegums Hydropower Plant – in the period from September 1936 to July 1940. The Ķegums Hydropower Plant has exceptional significance in the history of Latvia. It was the most ambitious engineering structure in the entire Baltic region in the interwar period (1918-1940) and served as a symbol of state and national identity, funded and constructed thanks to contributions of thousands of people from all over Latvia.

The Ķegums Hydropower Plant is also the beginning of the unified Latvian power supply system and the beginning of the creation of Latvenergo Group, as well as the start of a rapid economic development, electrification of the regions of Latvia and ensuring of the well-being of the people, thereby becoming a symbol of the 20th century history of Latvia and a valuable asset for industry, society and well-being.  

The collection of E. Kraucs is unique and irreplaceable both as a chronological depiction of a historical event – the construction of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant – and as an exceptional example of the professional activity of the 20th century photographer E. Kraucs. The professional skill of the author has ensured the comprehensive grasp of the topic, the choice of compositional form adequate to the content and the use of a consistent communicative style. The photographic representation of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant construction is a significant document of the 20th century both in terms of the depicted fact and the depicted era.

The collection is exhibited in Ķegums, while the originals are stored in the Depositories of the Museum of Energy at 19 Andrejostas Street, Andrejsala, Riga. 

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