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Regarding the Management Board of Sadales tīkls AS


On September 17, the term of office of several members of the Management Board of Sadales tīkls AS expires, therefore the Management Board of Sadales tīkls AS, which will still be chaired by Andis Pinkulis, was elected at the company’s Shareholder’s Meeting on August 29.

Andis Pinkulis was appointed as the Chairman of the Management Board, Inga Āboliņa was elected as a Member of the Management Board, while former members of the Management Board Raimonds Skrebs and Rolands Lūsveris will continue their work on the Management Board along with Baiba Priedīte, who was elected as a Member of the Management Board in May 2016.

The Management Board is structured in such a way as to represent all competences that would ensure the achievement of the goals set during the medium-term operational strategy period of the distribution system operator Sadales tīkls AS, namely, to continue the development of a digital technology-based smart grid, improvement of operational efficiency and improvement of the quality and reliability of electric power supply. Former members of the Management Board – Raimonds Skrebs and Rolands Lūsveris – and Chairman of the Management Board Andis Pinkulis have been approved for a new five-year term, after assessing their past investment in the company’s development and operations, the relevance of their competencies for future needs, as well as the strategic vision of the company’s future challenges and development.

As of September 18, the Management Board of Sadales tīkls AS will be joined by Inga Āboliņa, who was selected by evaluating the candidates from Latvenergo Group’s companies, whose education and experience were appropriate to the future level of competence required for the new Management Board model of Sadales tīkls AS. Competences of the existing Management Board Members and candidates were assessed both by professional recruitment consultants and the management of Latvenergo AS as the shareholder of Sadales tīkls AS. I. Āboliņa has been working in the Latvenergo Group since 2001, dedicating most of her professional career to project management and control. Since 2011, I. Āboliņa is the Generation Projects Director of Latvenergo AS. I. Āboliņa has successfully ensured implementation of strategic investment projects, project management process, as well as maintenance and development of the quality management system.

Sadales tīkls AS is a subsidiary of Latvenergo AS, which maintains and develops Latvian distribution system network, ensuring supply of electricity to more than one million customer facilities, covering 99% of the territory of Latvia.

The company ensures the operation, reconstruction and planned development of the distribution system network, monitoring of the use of electricity, loss reduction measures and electricity accounting, as well as the creation of new connections where necessary.

 Sadales tīkls AS commenced legally independent operations on 1 July 2007, when Latvia fulfilled the requirements of the European Union (EU) directives, which provided for gradual liberalisation of the electricity market. During the restructuring of Latvenergo AS, electricity transmission and distribution system operators were legally separated.

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