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A new section "Museum of Energy" has been created on the website


For the purpose of providing up-to-date information about the museum, the news and offers there to the visitors of the Museum of Energy of Latvenergo Group, a comprehensive and easy to use new section "Museum of Energy" was developed on the website The new section can be found in the menu bar of sections on the start page.

The information about the scope of offers of the Museum of Energy available until now has been modified and supplemented. The section of the Museum has been expanded by adding new subsections "News", "Offers" providing information about upcoming events and services offered by the Museum. The Museum of Energy offers the “Mobile Guide" to its visitors of the exposition at Ķegums. This is a new mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store, and it provides an opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the exhibits in an interesting way independently. The visitors of the Museum can also view the virtual tour on the website, thus remotely getting acquainted with the exposition of the Museum and exhibitions at Ķeguma prospekts 7/9 in Ķegums.

Following the example set by other museums of Latvia, the section of the Museum of Energy also contains the subsection "Item of the month" providing a brief research description of a particular artefact from the depositories of the Museum. At present researchers and other interested persons can learn about the ultraviolet lamp or the so called "mountain sun" broadly used in the middle of the 20th century. The Museum has an ultraviolet lamp shaped as a sphere which is a model manufactured in Germany in the 1920-ies - 1930-ies and rarely found in Latvia in its depositories. Also the photo camera Ica Ideal 325, manufactured in Dresden, Germany, in the 1930-ies and used for recording glass plate based photo negatives is presented as an item of the month. According to Pēteris Korsaks, a photography historian, this was the photography technique applied by Eduards Rihards Kraucs (1898-1977), a photographer, a cameraman and the introducer of Latvian sound cinema, who was also recording photography documentation of the process of construction of Ķegums power plant from 1936 to 1940.

The new section of the Museum of Energy will allow the visitors of the Museum to learn more about the energy heritage also in future. Digital exhibitions on particular themes will be created along with digitalisation of the depositories of the Museum. In 2018, which is the year of the 120th birthday of E. Kraucs, a new digital exhibition of the most vivid photo moments of the process of construction of Ķegums power plant (1936-1940) is planned.


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